11th August 2016

Hive launches IFTTT Channel!

We’ve got some great news to share! We have just launched a new channel on the ever popular internet of things platform, ‘If This Then That’ (IFTTT). This means that you can now set up your Hive Active Heating™ to be triggered by other products in the IFTTT ecosystem.


Hive IFTTT Recipe
If the temperature outside drops below 5°C then boost your heating.


If This Then That

For those of you who are a little unsure of what IFTTT is, here’s a little more info. Essentially IFTTT links different internet-connected devices and services together through a simple concept: If This Then That. These links consist of just two basic elements: a trigger ‘If This’ and an action ‘Then That’. For example, if you use the Strava Fitness app, you’ll be able to link Hive Active Heating™ to this, meaning your hot water would be triggered to come on when returning from a run.

Now that we’re part of the IFTTT family, it means that you can connect your Hive products to over 300 other products and channels, from BMW to The Weather Channel app.


Hive IFTTT Recipe
Just finished your workout? Give your hot water a boost to avoid a cold shower.

You’ll be able to connect these and trigger the following actions:

  • Setting the temperature to a value you specify
  • Boosting your heating
  • Boosting your hot water
  • Switching your thermostat to ‘schedule mode’
  • Turning your thermostat off


Getting Started

To get started with IFTTT, head to their website and set up an account, then visit the Hive channel and log in. We’re here to help on Twitter if you have any questions about getting set-up.

We hope that this partnership will help you bring a little Hive magic to your everyday. We’ll be adding more to the platform in the future so stay tuned!

‘As a real powerhouse platform, integrating with IFTTT is an important step in offering our customers more ways to feel connected to and in control of their homes. We’re starting with Hive Active Heatingbut we look forward to building the full range of Hive products as the channel grows.’ Kass Hussain, Director of Connected Home


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