12th August 2019

5 top tips for a carefree summer at home

Who says you need to go abroad to enjoy a carefree and relaxing holiday? With these 5 top tips, you’ll make staying home the new jetting off this summer.

Picture the scene; the sun’s beating down outside, and birdsong fills the the morning air. You’re about to hit the sunlounger with a good book for a couple of blissful hours. But you aren’t abroad – in fact, you haven’t left your home.

With ‘staycations’ becoming more and more popular amongst Brits every year, you’ll want to ensure your home is kitted out for a carefree and convenient summer.

Here are 5 top tips to get you started-

1 Get your holiday perks at home

We all love having our every whim satisfied on holiday. So why not continue the tradition on your staycation? Just use your mobile phone to cater to your every need.

Can’t sleep in the heat but too hot and bothered to move? By plugging your fan into a smart plug, you can use a mobile app to turn it on and off without moving a muscle.

Check out Hive Plugs here.

2 Keep unwanted visitors at bay

Whether you’re hitting the beach or off to your grandkids’ sports day, you’ll want to know your home is safe and secure while you’re out. A security camera with recorded sound features that you can control from your phone will do the trick. You can always add automatic lighting for extra peace of mind.

Concentrate on enjoying the sun without a worry in the world with Hive View cameras. Plus, take a look at our must-do tips for keeping your home safe this summer.

3 Smart-cook your way to success

Barbecues go hand in hand with long, light summer evenings – the smell of a delicious spread is enough to get you in a holiday mood. So why not make this essential summer activity as pain-free as possible and opt for a smart approach to sides?

Barbecue baked beans, chilli toppings for your burgers, or, for the more adventurous, balsamic brussel sprouts can all be prepared in advance and popped into the slow cooker. Use a Hive Plug to switch it on and off, and you won’t need to worry about dashing back to the kitchen if your bangers take longer to brown than you hoped.

4 Mood lighting makes all the difference

Whatever the mood, use lighting to enhance it. For early evening bedtime stories, cosy, dimmable lights are perfect. Add some ambiance to summer parties by changing the colour scheme altogether. And if you’re moving from work to play, cool-to-warm lights will make the transition effortless.

5 Crank up the summer tunes

There’s nothing like some of your favourite music to really get you in a carefree summer mood. Use your mobile phone to optimise sound and switch between tracks without moving from your sunbathing spot.

Take advantage of a speaker that works in harmony with the rest of your home, so if the evening turns chilly you can turn up the heat as well as the volume.

We hope you find these top tips handy.

See how Hive can help you have a carefree, happier summer.

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