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The joys of motion (detection), according to Brad The Laid Back Gnome

14th January 2019

Gnome Behind the Scenes_053.jpg“Take it smooth. But if you’ve got to move: groove.” Brad The Laid Back Gnome.

Too true. And one of the great things about Hive View Outdoor is that it sends you a notification the moment it detects movement (or groovement) – and starts recording straightaway. It can also detect sound or people – so whatever’s going on around your home, you’re always in the know.

Find out more about Hive View Outdoor.

Brad the Laid Back Gnome

Laid Back Gnome_002_v1

Brad is one laid back gnome. He’s super chill, which probably comes from years of lounging around. Brad’s so laid back he often doesn’t say a lot but when he does it’ll be poetic. His laid back pose seems to have saved him from many of the knocks and scrapes his fellow gnomes have suffered.

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