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New Hive Actions: Get your Hive products working together

1st March 2018

The Beast from the East may be upon us. But it’s not stopping us. At Hive HQ, we’ve been hunkered down, hard at work and we’re excited to announce the latest development to our Hive ecosystem: new and improved Hive Actions.

They’re ways to connect your Hive devices together at no extra cost, and all through the Hive app!

If you’ve got Hive devices at home this is for you. Allow us to explain…

Hive Actions get your home working seamlessly around you


Remember that bit in Iron Man when Tony Stark goes into his workshop and everything comes to life around him? Hive Actions are a bit like that.

Set up Hive Actions in your app and you can connect Hive devices together so they work seamlessly around you.

If you’ve got a Hive Light on your landing, you can get it to turn on when someone walks past a Hive Sensor to go to the loo in the middle of the night.

You can link together lots of devices too, like setting up the perfect welcome home by getting your Hive Active Heating and Hive Lights to come on as your Hive Sensor detects you walking in the door.  


It’s about putting you in control of your own home

The whole point of Hive Actions is to make daily living easier and more efficient by putting you in control of your ideal home experience.

Tom Guy, our Global Director of Products, explains:

People know best what would make their busy lives run more seamlessly for them, and with Hive Actions they can make it a reality. Hive Actions puts designing the experience directly into our customers hands for the first time.

‘Customers can create simple tasks like turning on their Hive View with one quick tap on the app dashboard as they leave the house, or richer experiences like ensuring the lights and heating are set just right at sunset each day, ready for the perfect welcome home.’


Head to your Hive app to get started

The beauty of Hive Actions is that they don’t cost a bean. And if you’ve got one or more Hive products and a Hive Hub you can get started now.

Head to the Actions section on your Hive app (Menu > Actions) to check out the variety of things you can do:


Browse pre-set actions

A good place to start is the ‘Discover’ area. Here you’ll find over 50 pre-set Actions you can use, or just browse for inspiration. These are a collection of the most popular actions you’ll need, like lights and sensors working together.


Set up your own

You can also set up your own Hive Actions. The Hive Actions section lets you select the Action: ‘When’, ‘While’ and ‘Then’ to set it up.

Let’s take the example we used earlier for when someone goes to the loo in the middle of the night. You could set up a Hive Action to light the way at night by saying:

When there’s motion in my hallway

While it’s dark outside

Then turn on my hall light to 50% for 5 minutes.


Set up Quick Actions

In the Hive app you can also create Quick Actions. These are shortcuts to the Hive Actions and features you use the most. These sit on the app home screen so you can manage your home even faster and more intuitively.

So if you’re settling in for movie night, you could dim your lights and boost your heating without leaving your sofa – all it takes is one tap on the Hive app.

Particularly awesome with Hive View

If you’ve been following Hive news you might know we’ve recently launched our new indoor camera, Hive View. If you’ve got one, Hive Actions are a brilliant way of making the most of it. For extra peace of mind while you’re away, you can set your Hive View to turn on lights or lamps if it detects someone moving when it’s dark – and then send you an automatic notification.


Much more on the way!

Hive Actions are just one of the ways we’re improving and expanding the Hive ecosystem. We’ve also recently launched the new Zoom feature for Hive View – and there’s loads more coming your way in March and April. Watch this space!

In the meantime, visit our Hive Actions page to find out more.

Image provided by @LizaPrideaux

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