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Smart ways to get the kids ready for school

6th November 2018

This is the week you get it right. Say goodbye to forgetting their packed lunch and leaving the house in your slippers – we’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks to nailing the school run, with a helping hand from Hive’s smart tech around your home.

Prepare the night before

We know that all you want to do every evening is climb into bed and watch Netflix. But deep down, you know the morning will be a breeze if you devote the evening to making sandwiches, putting homework in schoolbags, and making a late-night run to the shops so there’s no crying over dry cornflakes.

 How to get them out of bed

Don’t fret if you’re running out of ways to get your kids out of bed in the winter mornings. We’ve got a few new ideas…

  • A little bribery never hurts
    You’d be surprised how much a bowl of their favourite cereal can get them running down the stairs…
  • Light up the room
    You’ve tried an alarm. A subtle call up the stairs. But when they still won’t get out of bed – it’s time to call in the big guns. With Hive Actions, you can now select an action: ‘when’ and ‘then’. For example, ‘when it reaches 7:30am, then turn the bedroom light to 100%’. Harsh, but it works.
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  • Speed things up with music
    Abba’s Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia are great for helping them spring into action. Ask Alexa to kick-start the morning playlist and get them up and out in a good mood.

Put the kettle on with the Hive app

Many of us rely on a cup of tea or coffee to kick-start the day. So to save time in the morning, use the Hive app to put the kettle on for you. That way, it’ll be ready and waiting by the time you walk down the stairs. How good is that?

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Try the Traffic Light game

Add some fun into your daily routine! Why not use our coloured-light bulbs to let everyone know when it’s time to head out the door. Set the bulbs to turn green when you need to leave, yellow for when you’re a minute later than planned, and red for when you’re 5 minutes late.

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Whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll always be the first outside the school gates, we do know our range of smart lighting and plugs can help make the mornings run that little bit smoother. So what are you waiting for? It’s go time!

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