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Smart ways to use Hive in your home

6th November 2018

For many of us, getting in and out of the door is the biggest hurdle of the day. So when time is of the essence and the kids are almost asking for trouble – what are the best ways to use your smart home to turn chaos into calm? We’ve rounded up the best quick tips to save you time, energy – and any other nasty surprises.

Boost your water from your phone

“There’s nothing better than watching your children run around a rain-soaked football field”, said no mum ever. The reality is, Saturdays are spent standing in the rain, clutching your flask and watching your little ones dive into muddy puddles in what was, clean fresh kit.

Whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll get them home without messing up the car – we can help clean them up when you get back. Boost your hot water before you arrive home, and get ready to chuck them straight in the bath.

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Be prepared for a cold winter

This winter, we’ve been told to ‘prepare for the worst’, with strong winds and heavy downpours expected to hit thick and fast. But we’re not letting the weather dampen our mood! Here’s a few ways Hive can help keep you smiling this season.

  • Commuting home in the rain?
    Set the heating to your perfect temperature, so it’s nice and warm for when you get back.
  • Getting home in the dark?
    Set your Hive lights on before you arrive home, for an extra warm welcome.
  • Looking a little gloomy out?
    Ask Alexa to check the weather before you leave, so nothing rains on your parade.

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Make it look like you’re home, when you’re not

The kids are at their friends for a sleepover, which means you can finally try that new restaurant down the road. If like many of us, you prefer to keep a few lights on whilst you’re out, simply tap the mimic mode button on the Hive app and turn them on and off in random intervals – to give the impression that someone’s still at home.

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Keep an eye on your teenagers

It’s 5:29pm, you’ve packed your bag, and once half past hits you’re out the door, ready to meet your teens at home. Until your boss asks for that presentation you said you’d finished. Oops.

The good news? You can check in and let them know you’ll be slightly late – using your two-way audio and Hive View Camera. The bad news – you’ve now got to finish that presentation.

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So with the weather changing and the things getting busy in the run up to Christmas, there’s never been a better to time to start your smart home with us.

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