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Get your Hive devices working together so your home works seamlessly around you – all through the Hive app.

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Get your Hive devices working together

After a long day, imagine if your home welcomed you back by turning on a light and adjusting the heating as you walked in? Or saved you time in the morning by switching them off when you shut the door.

With Hive devices working together that’s just the sort of thing you can do. Your home can work seamlessly around you, making life easier and more efficient.

It all starts in your Hive App

Setting up your Hive devices to work together is simple. If you’ve got one or more Hive devices, head to the Hive Actions tab in your Hive app.


Choose from our pre-set Actions

Like lights turning on as you walk in the door.

Quick Actions make things even more seamless

Turn off your heating, lights and appliances with a single tap.

Create your own

The possibilities are endless!

How do Hive Actions work?
Actions Screen

How do Hive Actions work?

The Hive Actions tab in the Hive app lets you get your devices working together, all you need to do is tell it the ‘When’, the ‘While’ and the ‘Then’.

For example

  • When: my front door opens
  • While: it's dark outside
  • Then: turn on my hall light and adjust the heating
See more Actions in action

Powered by the Hive Hub


At night





Window & Door sensor



Powered by the Hive Hub

At the heart of Hive Actions is the Hive Hub. Our range of hubs connects your Hive devices together - meaning your sensor can tell your lights to turn on or your heating to switch off.

Our most advanced hub yet, the Hive Hub 360, will also detect important sounds around you home (like your smoke alarm) and send you a notification.

Already have a Hive product or two?
Head to the Hive app to start using Hive Actions.
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