26th April 2018

New Features and Community Highlights

With spring in full swing, we’re welcoming the longer days and natural light with open arms (there’s nothing like leaving work at 6PM with the sun still out 🙂), but as we all make adjustments towards our light usage for the warmer months, we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new feature for our Hive Lights range that should make things even easier for you around the house.


You can now group your lights so they work together as one, making it easier for you to adjust multiple lights in one go.




So that means you can dim, adjust or set schedules for any number of lighting groups and link them with their other Hive devices in the app so your home works seamlessly around you. Settling in on the sofa? Have all your living room lights dim and your heating boost with one tap of the Hive app. Dashing out the door? Connect your lights to a Hive Sensor in the app and have them all turn off when the door closes.


How Hive is Changing the Homes of Our Customers

Convenience and Energy Efficiency

Anna and Gabe Leisemeyer are parents of five (yes, five!) living in Atlanta, Georgia.


With a big family to take care of, keeping their home energy efficient is an important part of their economical approach – that’s why they use Hive’s smart products to control their thermostat, lighting and appliances.


“When we started using Hive, I don’t think either of us were expecting to love it as much as we do. It has made converting our home to an economical safe haven simple.”



When it comes to scheduling their heating and cooling, what Gabe loves most about Hive is the control and customization potential he has at any given moment from the touch of his fingers. Anna wonders if he may even love it too much…

“Anna might argue I’m a bit overboard with the Hive Active thermostat. I have every moment of the day scheduled to just the right temperature based upon our standard family schedule of comings and goings. Every day can be set to a different schedule, but best of all, I can set each floor to circulate the air for a given amount of time every hour, thereby cutting down on my heating bill. I, truly am in love.”

For Anna, controlling the Liesemeyers’s lighting based on their habits and schedules provides a helpful, cost savings convenience. “I can’t get over that we can set up a motion sensor for our lights as we walk in the door, so we don’t have to remember to turn them on or off. They only need to be on when we are in the room.”


Peace of Mind 

When it comes to security, Anna is a little more relaxed than her husband. But as new home owners, feeling safe and protected is something that they both value.


“Gabe by nature is more cautious about keeping the home secure. I never thought much about home security before owning a home, but now since it is something we worked so hard for, and value so much, we are grateful for a simple and effective way to be notified if there are any intruders.”


That’s where Hive comes in. For peace of mind, the Liesemeyers use Hive sensors and a Hive View camera to keep tabs on what’s going on at home.


“We synced our Hive View camera with the Hive app so that whenever we are out of the home we are able to easily check in from our mobile devices,” says Anna. “If you want to move your camera to a different room, you can easily do so.  We have used this to monitor Azelie in her room as well during bedtime when she was sick.



Gabe loves keeping tabs on his little ones by using Hive sensors:

“The Hive window or door sensors offer some peace of mind, especially when you have a Max and a Rocco. They have an uncanny attraction to danger, destruction, and unlocked doors, but I can now know every time a door is opened, how long it has been opened for, and even set a schedule where I can be notified if a door opens between certain hours of the day.”


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