19th July 2018

Getting started with Hive after Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day just wrapped up, and if you’re the new proud owner of a Hive smart product, we’d like to welcome you with a few resources below to get you started:


Need help installing your Hive products? Check out our Installation support and FAQ page here: https://www.hivehome.com/ca/support/Help_installing_Hive

The most important part of getting started is setting up your Hive Hub. You’ll need an ethernet port, an outlet, and an area that isn’t too closed off to place your Hive Hub. Check out the video below for a step by step tutorial:


Getting the most out of Hive Actions: 
After a long day, imagine if your home welcomed you back by turning on a light
and adjusting the heating as you walked in? Or saved you time in the morning
by switching them off when you shut the door. With Hive devices working together that’s just the sort of thing you can do. Your home can work seamlessly around you, making life a little easier and more efficient. It’s also super simple. If you’ve got one or more Hive devices, head to the Hive Actions tab in your Hive app to get started. Hive Actions are powerful auto.


Saving Energy With Hive:

Looking for ways that Hive can help you cut down on your energy bill? We’ve put together some examples on how Hive can help you save every day. Check out the article here


Additional Resources

How other customers use their Hive products

What do smart homes actually do?

The Hive team is also here to help you at any point as a Hive Customer. You can reach our technical support team at 1-866-470-9133 or shoot us an email at: help.CAN@hivehome.com
If you’re the proud owner of a Hive Heating & Cooling Pack, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve teamed up with Home Warranty of America to provide installation support for your Hive Thermostat. To make use of this option, all you have to do is contact Hive’s technical support team.






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