11th June 2018

Hive’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s almost June, which means our yearly celebration of Dads is right around the corner. If you don’t have a clue what to buy pops for Fathers Day this year, you’re probably not alone. They’re notoriously hard to shop for, but if you’re trying to do more than a tie and a cheesy card for Dad this year, we’ve made it a little easier for you by putting together a gift guide based on personality types. Check it out:


The Entertainer
We all know fathers who love to play host. Whether it means whipping together their famous nachos, or having next level decor, these dads are energized by making their gatherings as fun and memorable as possible. Our Hive Active Light Colour Changing bulbs gives the father in your life the  “cool” factor he’s always wanted for his parties. Super Bowl Sunday? Change the lighting in the living room to his favorite team’s colors. 80’s night? Flood the entire house in bright neon colors. With 16 million colors to choose from, our color changing bulbs give Dad endless options to give his gatherings just the added touch they need.
The Gadgets Dad
Why do dad’s enjoy gadgets so much? Is it the sense of power and freedom that comes with enhanced gadgetry? Or is it just more simply the feeling of being cool? Your guess is as good as ours. Whatever the answer is,  tech and gadgetry tend to be pretty safe Father’s Day bets, and Hive has the perfect pack for your gadget enthusiast. Our Hive Starter Pack is a great gift for dads interested in making their homes smarter and being able to control multiple things around the house from on app. It comes with two Hive Active Lights Cool to Warm White, two Hive Window or Door Sensors, a Hive Active Plug and a Hive Hub. With the Hive Starter Pack, you can easily control and schedule the lighting and appliances around your house, all from your smartphone.
The Savings Enthusiast
“Turn off those lights!” Sound familiar? Dads make a big deal of wasted energy, and rightly so. With new smart home technology, worrying about your family wasting money on unnecessary energy usage should be a problem of the past. Our Hive Welcome Home pack gives you everything you need to start living a more energy efficient life right away. Featuring a Hive Active Thermostat, Hive Active Plug, Hive Window or Door Sensor, two Hive Active Lights Cool to Warm White, and a Hive Motion Sensor, this ecosystem of Hive products works together to automate your home into an energy efficient machine.
The Mindful Guardian
Maybe it’s a territory thing, but Dad’s tend to be very focused on keeping their homes as safe and secure as possible. When talking about her husband Gabe, Hive customer Anna Liesemeyer agrees:
“Gabe by nature is more cautious about keeping the home secure. I never thought much about home security before owning a home, but now since it is something we worked so hard for, and value so much, we are grateful for a simple and effective way to be notified if there are any intruders.”
As owners of a Hive Close to Home Pack, the Liesemeyer’s use Hive products to give them peace of mind and a sense of security around the home. They love using Hive Sensors and a Hive View camera to keep tabs on what’s going on at home. “We synced our Hive View camera with the Hive app so that whenever we are out of the home we are able to easily check in from our mobile devices,” says Anna. “If you want to move your camera to a different room, you can easily do so.
So there you have it – the perfect Hive gift for any dad! Be sure to check out all the rest of our packs and products as well. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch at: 1-866-470-9133 or help.USA@hivehome.com



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