19th April 2018

A Daily Guide to Saving Energy With Hive

In the spirit of energy efficiency, we have assembled a time-line of simple tips for how to make every day more green by saving energy using Hive’s smart home products.


3:30 AM:  Use Hive’s motion sensors to trigger lights turning on—and off —in the middle of the night. Shahla Sandoval, whose family of four uses Hive products in Northern California, says her husband programmed their upstairs hallway lights to do this when they realized their kids often got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, or visit mom and dad’s bedroom. “We’d wake up in the morning and the lights would still be on.” Her husband programmed the motion sensors to turn the lights on, and to switch off again after 45 seconds.


6:30 AM:  Improve your body’s energy use using Hive’s “When the sun rises or sets” action on our app to program your bedroom light to turn on with the sunrise. Most people’s circadian rhythms are linked to light and dark cycles and the more these are disrupted, the more it can impact your health.  Waking up and going to bed at the same time each day is good for your health and overall energy according to sleep experts.


Pro tip: Have a hard time getting up with your alarm? You can schedule your bedroom light to get brighter in 15 minute increments – think of it as  a gentle snooze button.


7:45 AM – When you leave for work or errands use the “Heading out” quick action to turn all of your lights and smart plugs off with a tap of the app. No more wondering if you forgot to turn off the iron.


2 PM – Use your Hive Active Thermostat or plugs to save energy. Vince Bitz plugs his printer, cell phone and laptop chargers, into a Hive Active Plug. “I plug in non-essential home office devices so that I can automatically turn them off for an hour during the day and it won’t disrupt anything.”



6 PM – As you get ready to head home, adjust your temperature using the Hive thermostat. During warmer months, set the thermostat to warmer during the day and cool down as you prepare to head home.


8 PM – Schedule lights to turn on after dark, so they are not on all day. Or, use a Hive door sensor to trigger lights. Use the action: “Turn on lights and lamps when a door opens in the dark.”


10:30 PM: Winding down: Using the “Reading lamp” quick action to turn on a lamp (your bedroom lamp) for 30 minutes for some bedtime reading. I’ll automatically switch off if you doze off with that book so you don’t have to worry about leaving the lights on.


11 PM: In cooler weather, you can set the temperature on the thermostat  to be cooler at night to conserve energy by using the “When the sun sets” action.



More tips from our partner Direct Energy:


  • Install a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature in your home. Using the Hive app on your smart phone, you can schedule our Hive Active Thermostat to turn heating or cooling systems down when you are away from home, and up when you are home.


  • Adjust the thermostat incrementally throughout the day for optimal energy savings in your home, tailored to your schedule.


  • To reduce A/C costs during warmer months, use fans and keep the doors, windows and shade closed. Hive has a “Fan for 1 hr” quick action, which allows you to switch on a fan that is plugged into a Hive Active Plug with a tap of the app. Then the Hive Active Plug will switch it off automatically after an hour.



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