How it works

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With Hive you can control your lights, plugs and sensors from your phone. But we're more than the sum of our parts; we're making the smart home a reality for everyone.

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A connected system that lets you control your home from your phone

Hive products

Start your connected home with lighting, plugs or sensors. Once installed, pair your Hive products with your Hive app.

The Hive Hub

The heart of your Hive connected home, the Hub plugs into your broadband router and connects your products to your phone.

So you can control them with your app

Beautifully designed and brilliantly intuitive, the Hive app puts your home in the palm of your hand.

Meet the Hive family

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Hive Active Lights

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Hive Active Plugs

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Hive Window or Door Sensors

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Hive Motion Sensors

Hive hub

The Hive Hub, the brains of your Hive home

Hive hub

The Hive Hub connects all your Hive products so you can control them from wherever you are. Just plug it into your broadband router and you're good to go. It's included as part of our Starter Packs or you can buy it on its own from our online shop.

Learn more

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Control anytime, anywhere from your phone, tablet or laptop

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The easiest way to control your home is from the Hive app, where you can see all of your Hive products from the main dashboard and control your home with a tap. There’s also an online dashboard if you’d rather control your home from your laptop.

Getting started

If you're not a Hive customer, getting started couldn't be easier. Take a look at our starter packs to see how Hive could work for you.