Hive Window or Door Sensor

Enjoy life to the fullest, knowing that everything’s okay at home with your Hive Window or Door Sensor.

  • Get peace of mind: Did you shut the bedroom window? Use the Hive app to check.
  • Know when your kids get home: Your Hive Window or Door Sensor will send you a notification when the front door is opened or closed.
  • Keep track of events: The Hive app records a history of events that occur in your home with the Hive Sensors. So you know what happened and when.
  • Save more time in the mornings: Link your Hive Window or Door Sensor to your Hive Active Plug, and you can turn off appliances automatically when you shut your front door.
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Technical specs
Width: 23mm
Height: 70mm
Depth: 24mm
Weight: 24g
Width: 12mm
Height: 70mm
Depth: 15mm
Weight: 24g