Welcome Home Pack

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Includes the following products

Hive Hub

Securely connects all of your Hive products so you can control them from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Hive Thermostat

Get the temperature at home just right from wherever you are with our beautifully designed, simple to use smart thermostat.

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Hive Active Plug

Turn your appliances on and off remotely with a tap of the Hive app.

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Hive Active Light Cool to Warm White

Our long-lasting LED smart bulbs are rated A+ for energy efficiency, and by controlling them remotely you can make sure they're not left on.


Hive Window or Door Sensor

Get notifications to your phone when a door or window is opened.

Window or door sensor

Hive Motion Sensor

Our Hive Motion Sensor lets you know when there's movement back home so you can take it easy wherever you are.

Motion sensor

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Manage home with your smartphone

With our award-winning smart thermostat, 2 Hive Active Light bulbs, sensors and a plug, you'll be ready to instantly transform your home into a smart one.

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Save more

Conserve energy by not heating or cooling an empty home. And by connecting it to your lights, you can keep your home even more energy efficient with one tap.


Easy to set up

You can install and set up all products yourself, or we can help you get a trusted professional installation in your area.


Set schedules

Personalize your lighting in each room or set your thermostat schedule easily through the Hive app.

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Get your home working seamlessly around you

Link all your Hive devices with Hive Actions so you can turn on your lights and heating by just getting out of bed or walking into a room.

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Brighten your arrival

With Hive Active Thermostat and Hive Lights, it’s easy to make sure your home is warm and well-lit just when you need it. Perfect for welcoming you home, without wasting energy.

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Peace of mind when you’re away

Set your lights to turn on and off so it looks like you’re home. And for a little more peace of mind your Hive Motion Sensor will send you a notification if it detects movement. So you can keep your mind on the moments that matter.


Alexa, lights and heating on!

Hands full of food shopping when you come home? Ask Alexa to switch the lights and thermostat on. Or link them to a Hive Sensor in the Hive app and they’ll come on as you walk past.


Welcome Home Pack

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