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Protect your home with our smart indoor security camera, featuring 1080p HD livestreaming, person detection, two-way audio and a super-wide field of vision.

angle single on off light
angle single on off light

Security when you're away

Hive View starts recording when it detects motion or sound, and sends a notification to your smartphone.


Play a Sound

Scare away an unwanted guest with the Play a Sound feature on the Hive app. It triggers a pre-recorded siren or dog barking sound through your camera.

Save. Show. Share

Download recordings straight to your smartphone. So if it’s something calling for a closer look - you can share it in an instant.

Privacy on, camera off

Monitor only when you want, switch on or schedule privacy mode from the Hive app.

Black &
Brushed Copper

Black &
Brushed Copper

White &
Champagne Gold

White &
Champagne Gold

Designed to live anywhere

Fits seamlessly into your home. Available in black & brushed copper or white & champagne gold. Designed by industrial designer Yves Béhar.

Black &
Brushed Copper

Black &
Brushed Copper

White &
Champagne Gold

White &
Champagne Gold

Monitor what matters with Activity Zone

Set the specific areas you want your camera to focus on, so it’s not triggered by unimportant things. So if your camera's field of vision covers your street as well as your front door, you can easily set it to only send an alert when there’s activity at the door.

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Access footage longer with Hive Video Playback Membership

Watch and download whatever your Hive View camera has captured from the past 30 days. Choose monthly payments from $5.99 and save more with an annual membership.

Grab and go

Want to move your camera to a different room? Just grab Hive View and go. It’s light, portable and has over 1-hour built-in battery life.

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Window & Door sensor



Bring your home to life

Get your Hive devices working together so your home works seamlessly around you – all through the Hive app.

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