Hive Window or Door Sensor

Relax. Our Window or Door Sensor lets you know everything’s okay back home so you can take it easy wherever you are.

Peace of mind from the palm of your hand

You'll know instantly if there's movement at home, or if a window or door opens or closes. And by pairing your sensor with other Hive products, you can also make your home come to life around you.

Know when someone’s home

When you’re away, the Hive Window or Door Sensor will send you a notification if it detects a window or door opening. Perfect for checking if the kids are home.

Worry less

If you’re worried about leaving a window or door open, check in an instant with a tap of the app.

Go back in time

You can see when the sensor has detected motion over the last seven days.

Easy to set up

The Hive Window or Door Sensor is designed to fit easily on your door or window. Pair it with the Hive Hub, add it to the Hive app and you’re all set.

In on the Action

Want the hallway to light up when you walk through the door? Just link a sensor with a Hive Light or Hive Plug and hey presto!

See in the dark

With Hive Actions, set your Hive Window or Door sensor to trigger your Hive Active Light and find your way to the bathroom without bumping into the wall.

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Window & Door sensor



Bring your home to life

Hive products work brilliantly on their own, but they're even better when they work together to get your home working seamlessly around you.

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