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Is Hive View and Hive View Outdoor secure?

We have strict security measures in place to protect your personal information and Hive View or Hive View Outdoor camera. 

- Each Hive View or Hive View Outdoor camera is secured using a unique certificate to prevent unauthorised access.
- Your videos are uploaded securely online using the latest industry standard protocols (TLS 1.2 and higher) and encrypted using the latest standards (AES-128). The videos and the encryption keys are held in separate secure areas.
- Videos are transferred as encrypted to the Hive app where the app decrypts the video while playing. This means that videos are never available in un-encrypted format for playing,
- If you cancel your Hive online account or remove Hive View or Hive View Outdoor from it, we delete all videos recorded. We delete all videos that we don't need to store and that are no longer available in your Hive app. 
- Your Hive View or Hive View Outdoor camera is uniquely linked to your Hive online account, no other user can add your camera to their account. Hive View has to be removed from the current account before it can be added to another one. So, if your camera is stolen, it cannot be used by others.

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