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What does Hive View do?

Hive View is our stylish smart indoor camera:

• Get a notification when your camera detects motion, sound or even people. Set to detect people only and it won’t pick up pets. 
• Livestream day or night in 1080p HD to your smartphone.
• Choose when to check in and when to get some privacy with a tap on your Hive app.
• Access rolling 30-day camera history anytime, anywhere - your videos are stored securely online and enjoy a host of other exclusive benefits with Hive Video Playback Membership.
• Playback videos from the last 24 hours as standard.
• Beautiful design combines form and function. Available in a choice of two colourways; black and brushed copper or white and champagne gold.
• Set up in minutes using your Hive app.
• Just grab Hive View and go to move to a different room. It’s light, portable and has over 1-hour built-in battery life. 

If you've bought Hive View you'll have all the kit you need to get up and running. It works without a Hive Hub.

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