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Protect your gnomes - and your home

The Hive View Outdoor camera keeps an eye on everything around your home.

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Welcome to my world:
Gnome edition

Welcome to my world:
Gnome edition

Watch more harrowing gnome escapes

Keep an eye on everything

Gnomes aren't the only things worth protecting. A smart outdoor camera allows you to check in whenever you want from your smartphone, so you can make sure everything at your door or on your lawn is in good order.

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Word on the lawns

Why 2-way audio is really rather wonderful - Lola Gnome

Why 8x zoom is an absolute must in this day and age - John The Fishergnome

The joys of Motion (Detection) - Brad The Laid Back Gnome

See in the dark! - Snail Gnome

Meet the gnomes

The more the merrier

Gnomes, like outdoor cameras, are better in bunches. Buy multipacks and save more. So you can buy more gnomes, of course.

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