Hive Light Cool to Warm White smart E14 bulb

The tuneable smart candlelight bulb you can control from anywhere.

For bright starts and cosy evenings

There’s nothing softer and cosier than candle light. Now with our smart candlelight bulbs, you can set your home aglow from anywhere with a tap of the Hive app.

Save energy, save money

Our long-lasting LED smart bulbs are rated A+ for energy efficiency, and by controlling them remotely you can make sure they're not left on.

Make it look like you’re in when you’re out

Hive Lights are brilliant for giving you a little extra peace of mind while you're away. Make it seem like someone’s home by setting lighting schedules, or get your lights to turn on and off in a varied pattern with Mimic mode.

Get the lighting just right from wherever you are

Manage your lighting via the Hive app on your phone, so it’s just how you like it, just when you need it.

Control them with your voice

All Hive Lights work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so anyone can use their voice to turn all the lights on or off together. Perfect for when your hands are full and you can’t get to the Hive app.

Your home working seamlessly around you

Hive Lights can also connect to other Hive devices like sensors in your Hive app. So your hall lights can turn on automatically when you walk through the front door.

Set smart schedules

Personalise the lighting for every room and set schedules so your lights turn on and off automatically.

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Bring your home to life

Hive products work brilliantly on their own, but they're even better when they work together to get your home working seamlessly around you.

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