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How do I assemble Hive View?

Everything you need to assemble Hive View will be in the box.

• Attach the camera to the arm. This is connected magnetically so attaches easily.

• Optional step (and only if not using on a wall or metal surface): take the metal base plate from the box and attach it to the bottom of the camera stand, making sure to line up the gap for the USB cable with the micro USB port in the camera stand. This is connected magnetically. The magent is very strong so be careful not to get fingers trapped.

• Take the power cable from the box and insert the micro USB into the micro USB port in the back of the camera stand. Note, do not use the port on the underside camera itself, this is not for permanenet use. Make sure the port on the base of the camera stand is used.

• Take the power adaptor from the box and select the right set of power adaptor pins for the region you are in. Clip the pins into the power adaptor.

• Attach the power adaptor to the other end of the cable.

That's it, you're ready to install.

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