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How do I pair my Hive Light with my Hive Hub?

If you have more than one Hive Light, you should set each bulb up one at a time. Set up one bulb completely before starting the next.
Using the Hive app: 
 - Open the Hive app on your phone. You may be asked to log-in. 
 - Tap "Install devices" under the menu and follow the on-screen instructions.
Using the online dashboard: 
 - Log in to your Hive account at 
 - Click "Install Devices" from the Settings menu and follow the on-screen instructions.
Your Hive Light is fitted in the same way traditional household bulbs are. Ensure the wall switch for the light is switched off before fitting the bulb. Fit the bulb into the light fitting and switch the light on. The bulb will then flash on and off to show that it is searching for (also known as pairing with) your Hub. Once your Hive Light appears on the screen, it will flash once more to confirm it’s connected. You can now name it and press "Save" to complete setup. 
 That’s it! You’ve finished setting up your Hive Light and you can now control it remotely.

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