Hive Leak Plan

£3.99 per month

Help stop little drips becoming big problems with the Hive Leak Plan. The plan includes a Hive Leak Sensor that can help spot if there’s an unusual amount of water flowing around your home - which could be a potential leak. It then sends a notification to your phone and if it has found a problem, can even help you find a plumber to fix it. All for just £3.99 a month.

1x Hive Leak Sensor

You’ll need to make sure your Hive Leak Sensor is correctly installed and maintained for it to work and that you have mobile coverage to get notifications. Exclusions apply, see our Terms and Conditions

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Can help prevent water damage in your home, if it picks up a potential leak you’ll know quickly.

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Sends a notification straight to your phone, and you can use the Hive app to help diagnose the problem.

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Easy to install, with a two- year battery life. Simply clip your Hive Leak Sensor to the mains water pipe.

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Spot small drips

Your Hive Leak Sensor can detect if there’s a small but steady flow of water into your home and send you a notification. The Hive app can then help you diagnose if it’s a potential leak or just a dripping tap.

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Helps catch bigger leaks

Your sensor can also tell you if there’s an unusual amount of water flowing around your home. It might be a tap left running, but if it’s more serious like a burst pipe you’ll know.

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Found something? We'll help you find a plumber

Your Hive app can also connect you to an expert plumber if you need one, so you can get the problem sorted quickly.