Welcome Home Plan


You save £57 on this pack compared to RRP

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Whether you’re staying out late or staying cosy under the covers, get your home just how you like it with the Welcome Home Plan from Hive. It’s got everything you need to get your lighting and appliances just right from wherever you are.

Hive Hub 2x Hive Light bulbs 1x Hive Motion Sensor 1x Hive Active Plug

After 12 months you'll have paid off your Hive devices, so your payments will stop and they're yours to keep.

Upgrade your plan to include Hive Hub 360

For £50 you can upgrade to our most advanced Hub yet, Hive Hub 360. Simply select one of the colour options below.

Select bulb fitting

Hive services require broadband connection and Wi-Fi.
Early termination fees apply.
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Look after the lighting and appliances all around your house, all from your phone.

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You can install and setup all products yourself, without the need for professional installation.

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Sync with other Hive products using Hive Actions.

Apple Watch App

Our Hive app for Apple Watch is all about making your life quicker and easier. With one simple, scrollable screen it enables you to do all your essentials in just a couple of seconds.

  • Use quick actions
  • Boost your heating
  • Boost your hot water
  • Turn your lights on
  • Turn your plugs off
apple watch app
  • Download our app
  • Download on App store
  • Download on Google Play
Mimic mode

Mimic mode

Out after work? Away for the holidays? Mimic mode helps make it look like you’re home when you’re not.

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