Large home pack

+ £9.99 per month for HomeShield Plus - 1st month free

+ for professional installation

Large pack is perfect for homes with 4+ bedrooms. Protect your main door and backdoor with contact sensors, motion inside and video footage for your driveway, garden and porch.

Upgrade to pet-friendly sensor Need help?
Include 3 for + £5
Do you have a hub? What's a Hub?
No +£40+£40
Yes, I am an existing customer
Installation What's Self-Install?
Pro-Install (recommended)  +
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Choose your HomeShield Plan What's this?
HomeShield Plus  +p/m
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What’s included

Protect your home from your phone.
1x Siren
A Siren that deters criminals with sound and light.
1x Keypad
Arm / Disarm your security alarm with ease.
4x Window/Door Sensors
Keep you doors and windows safe and secure.
3x Motion Sensors
Automatically detect activity within your home.
Not pet friendly
3x Pet Friendly Motion Sensors
Automatically detect activity within your home.
1x Hub
The hub is the heart of your smart home.
3x View Outdoor Cameras
Keep an eye on things from anywhere.
1x Signal Booster
Helps to connect your Hive devices to your Hub.
What’s right for you?

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Install and setting up

All Hive products can be self installed, but if you want it all set up, we provide pro install options from trusted experts.

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