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Is Hive Active Heating compatible with all types of boiler?

Gas & LPG - Hive works with the vast majority of UK gas and LPG central heating systems. Our engineers are trained to work on both types of system and in the unlikely event that we can’t install Hive you would not be charged. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee compatibility with your specific boiler until our engineer visits you.

Oil boilers - Hive works with most oil boilers and if you have an existing conventional thermostat or programmer can replace either. If you have existing intelligent oil boiler heating controls that modulate your heating Hive will not replace this functionality. As British Gas engineers don’t install Hive Active Heating on oil boilers, to arrange installation we recommend contacting an OFTEC qualified engineer.

Electric boilers - if your boiler works with a standard room thermostat and/or programmer then Hive can control it. Hive does not work with storage heaters or individual plug-in electric room heaters.

Other systems - Our engineers do not install to solid fuel boilers (such as biomass systems, coal) and heat pumps. We haven’t tested on these systems, so can’t guarantee compatibility.

Heating control systems incompatible with Hive Active Heating

Honeywell SmartFit Controls – this system sometimes installed to control gas and LPG boilers, is part of the existing central heating system and isn’t compatible with other external heating controls. Hive can’t be installed with it unless the engineer removes the SmartFit controls first, including all electrically operated valves. 

Vaillant VR 65 Control Centre - This is an external controller fitted to some compatible Vaillant boilers. It’s part of the existing central heating system and isn’t compatible with other external heating controls. Hive can’t be installed with it unless the engineer removes the Valiant external controller. If removed please take note of the following:

  • Current timers/thermostats either integral to the boiler or remote will become redundant as will any additional functionality they provide above and beyond Hive Active Heating
  • Any decoration affected by removal isn’t covered as part of the install or under British Gas HomeCare contract

Boilers incompatible with Hive Active Heating

There are some Worcester Intelligent Appliance boilers that aren’t compatible with external heating controls apart from Worcester’s TR2 room thermostat. Hive can’t be installed with these boilers:

GC NumberBoiler Model
4710810Worcester Bosch ICC2 - ZWBR 11-37A
4710811Worcester Bosch *C*RD 537i
4710812Worcester Bosch *C*RD 542i
4731156Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE Plus - ZWBR 7-28A
4731157Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE Plus - ZWBR 11-35A
4731175Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar 30 HE Plus Combi
4731176Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar 35 HE Plus L Combi
4731179Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar R 30HE Plus
4731180Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar R 35HE Plus
4731181Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar R 40HE Plus





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