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How do I install my Hive Leak Sensor?

Your Hive Leak Sensor should be installed on your mains water pipework, as close to the internal stop tap as possible and before the pipework splits to supply other areas of your home. This is to ensure that the Hive Leak Sensor is monitoring your entire mains water pipework. For help on how to find your stop tap, click here.

Important : The Hive Leak Sensor must be fitted to your internal mains water pipework in a heated part of your home and not in an external location. You’ll need to make sure your Hive Leak Sensor is correctly installed and maintained for it to work and that you have mobile coverage to get notifications. Exclusions apply, see our Terms and Conditions

Once you've found your stop tap then follow the below steps.

1. Install your Hive Leak Sensor on the ‘home’ side of your stop tap and before any branches on the mains water pipework.
2. The direction of the water flow is usually indicated by an arrow on the stop tap, if the arrow is not visible you should install the Leak Sensor as close to the stop tap as possible.

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