29th March 2019

Spruce up your security this Spring


Texas Bluebonnets in spring meadow. Indian paintbrush flower. Field.

Here at Hive HQ in Houston, spring is in the air. There are bluebonnets in bloom across the city from Buffalo Bayou to Memorial Park. And the sight of sunshine is making us all kinds of happy. Annoyingly though, as temperatures rise so do crime rates. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there’s a strong link between hot weather and burglary. In fact, studies from across the world have repeatedly found a link between the two.

Home alarm systems are the popular choice for home security. But there’s lots of other smart home products that can give your property an extra layer of protection over and above an alarm. Here’s a reminder of some of the smart home tech we’ve launched recently. It will all make it easier to keep a check on your home this summer.

Hive View – catch the action with a smart camera 

Hive View is our smart indoor camera. It’s great for peace of mind by keeping an eye on your house around the clock.

The camera has a live stream so you can see what’s happening in real time, and it will send a notification to your smartphone if it spots anything. Whether you’re in Whole Foods or a whole different country, you can check your home is safe and secure.

The Hive View camera is a neat way to monitor other parts of your home, particularly areas that might not be covered by your alarm system, like a garage or garden studio. It comes with a wide 130° field of view so a single camera can cover a large area. The camera also includes a choice of wall, shelf or magnetic mount which makes installation quick and painless (as we often find the ideal camera location isn’t the most practical).

We’re smitten with our camera. It’s simple to operate so you can move it around your home as you need. And it’s jam-packed with loads of helpful features like HD livestreaming and person detection. You can even set it to play the sound of a siren or a dog barking when you’re away from home.


Hive lights – lights that look after your home

People often leave lights on as a simple way to protect their property when they’re away. But remember that scene in Home Alone, when the burglars laugh as the automatic lights on every house on the street turn on? If Joe Pesci wasn’t fooled, chances are a burglar won’t be either.

Thankfully, with Hive’s smart lights things get more convincing. You can control them from your smartphone wherever you are in the world. And with programs like Mimic mode you can get your lights to turn on and off automatically in a different pattern each evening to really look like someone’s home.

Hive sensors – know the moment there’s motion

Smart motion sensors are another easy win if you’re looking to beef up your home security. Position them next to places like back doors and they’ll send an instant notification straight to your phone when they detect movement.

Sensors can be a real help on their own. But they’re even better when you link them to other smart devices, like lights. With Hive, you do this through Hive Actions. For instance, you can program a motion sensor downstairs to turn on a light upstairs if it detects someone moving in the dark, so it looks like you’ve woken up. You set up these actions through the app and they’re a clever way to get your home working magically around you.

There’s lots of ways Hive can help look after your home. Check out our full range of products.


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