OhmConnect customers receive 20% off select Hive smart home bundles and products

How it works

OhmConnect helps you save money and energy by monitoring energy price spikes and notifying you to reduce your energy consumption, saving you energy and money.

When you connect Hive devices to the OhmConnect app, you'll get notifications letting you know when to turn your thermostat up a few degrees, turn off a light or two, or turn off any appliances.

Benefits of a Hive smart home

Whether you're adjusting the home heating or cooling while you're out or lighting a room as you enter, Hive smart products allow you to tailor your home experience to your needs, meaning less time spent on the small stuff and more time doing the things you love. Our ecosystem of smart products can be controlled from your computer, tablet or smartphone, making it even easier to earn money and save energy through OhmConnect.


Over 1,000,000 users


Award-winning app


An ecosystem
of smart products


Connects with Amazon Alexa or Echo, Google Home and IFTTT products

  1. Join OhmConnect or Log In to your OhmConnect account

  2. Select your Hive smart home pack

  3. Your devices will be delivered to your home

  4. Setup your devices and enjoy the benefits of your new Hive smart home. Get paid to save energy with OhmConnect

Exclusive OhmConnect offers

Every home is different, so choose the smart home pack that fits your life.

Welcome home
Welcome Home Pack
$279.99 ($249.99) Save -$30

Everything you need to transform your home into a smart home.

Heating Plan
$183.99 ($169.99) Save -$14

Control your home’s temperature with a beautifully designed thermostat.


Connects with

Hive already works with other smart home products. So, whether you have an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or IFTTT products, Hive will help connect your home like never before.


The App

With the award-winning Hive app you can control the temperature, lighting, and outlets in your home virtually anywhere, anytime.



With Actions you can link up all your Hive products to work together. Imagine turning the lights on when you enter the room, or ensuring the iron’s off when you leave the house.

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