Hive Motion Sensor

Relax. Our Hive Motion Sensor lets you know everything’s okay back home so you can take it easy wherever you are. They use infrared technology to detect motion in your home, and if anyone or anything is moving about unexpectedly, you get an alert on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

They’re easy to install and beautifully discreet. Place the wireless sensors on a flat surface or use the self-adhesive tape to attach them to a wall.

  • Get notified: Hive Motion Sensor can send alerts to your smartphone when movement is detected in your home.
  • Keep track of events: The Hive app records a history of events that occur in your home with the Hive Sensors. So you know what happened and when.
  • Light up the way: Set your Hive Motion Sensor to trigger your Hive Active Light so you can find your way to the bathroom without bumping into the wall.
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Technical specs
Width: 0.94 inches
Height: 3.35 inches
Depth: 0.98 inches
Weight: 2.19 ounces