Welcome Home Plans

$9.99 per month

Welcome Home Plans

$9.99 per month

Walk in to the perfect mood with a Hive Welcome Home plan. It gives you everything you need to adjust your cooling, heating, lighting, and appliances, wherever you are. Choose the plan that best fits your home.

Hive Hub 1x Hive Active Plug 2x Hive Active Light 2x Window or Door Sensor

Hive products require a broadband connection and Wi-Fi. Standard messaging and data rates apply to mobile use. We’ll take the first monthly payment today, and then take your monthly payments on the same date each month until you cancel. Taxes may apply. Requires two year commitment. Early termination fees apply. Terms apply.

Highlight 1

Control the cooling and heating, lighting, and appliances around your house, all from your phone.

Highlight 2

Spend less time fiddling with thermostats, and more time getting on with the good stuff.

Highlight 3

Control your energy usage and never again waste energy by cooling, heating or lighting an empty home.

Selling point 0

Easy to set up

You can set up your Hive Welcome Home Plan in minutes, with no need for professional installation.

Selling point 1

Hive Actions

Turn on your heating or cooling by walking through the door. Hive products come to life magically and effortlessly with Actions.

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Hive Multizone

Keep everyone happy and save energy by creating up to three different temperature zones in your home.