Hive Active Thermostat

Plans available from $12.99 /month

Hive Active Thermostat

Plans available from $12.99 /month

Warm your home up or cool it down, without ever wasting energy. The beautifully designed Hive Active Thermostat lets you control your home temperature from your smartphone.

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Adjust the temperature remotely.

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Set heating and cooling schedules from your phone.

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Control your energy usage and never again waste energy by cooling, heating or lighting an empty home.

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The Hive App

Control your thermostat and all your other Hive products easily from one place.

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Hive Actions

Turn on your heating by opening your front door. Hive products come to life magically and effortlessly with Actions.

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Hive Multizone

Keep everyone happy and save energy by creating multiple heating zones in your home.

The new Hive thermostat blends a range of materials in its design aesthetic, including aluminium for the iconic dial.

Width: 100mm
Height: 100mm
Depth: 48mm (including dial)
Weight: 0.251g
Power Consumption: standby mode 0.5W (typical) @ 24V 60Hz (without load)