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Our clever wireless sensors send an alert to your smartphone if there's movement in your home, or your windows or doors are opened or closed. It's as if your home is talking to you.

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For that extra peace of mind our Hive Sensors help you know what's going on at home even when you're not there.


Get free alerts on your smartphone if your windows or doors are opened or closed or there's motion in your home.


Install in a few minutes with no screws required. Place our wireless sensors anywhere you want to monitor.

Small but sophisticated, the Hive Sensors monitor your surroundings, ready to let you know if things aren't as they should be.

Clever control, anytime, anywhere

Notifications Event tracking


Event tracking


If motion is detected in your home or your windows or doors are opened or closed you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone. When you know you’ll be at home you even can set a schedule so your sensor alerts are switched off.

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What can you do with Actions?

Hive Motion Sensor

Hive motion sensor@423x423

Our wireless Motion Sensor uses infra-red technology to detect motion in your home. You can choose to receive alerts to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Easy to install, just place on a surface or use the self adhesive tape to attach to the corner of a wall.

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Hive Window or Door Sensor

Hive window door sensor@423x423

Use the self adhesive pad enclosed with your pack and attach the larger wireless sensor to your window or door and the smaller sensor to the frame. If your window or door is open or closed, Hive will send an alert to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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