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How do I change the Wi-Fi router or network that my Hive Camera is connected to?

You can change the Wi-Fi router or network your Hive Camera is connected to by following the below steps.

1. Head to your Hive Camera app and log-in if needed using your username and password
2. Select the Hive Camera you want to change the Wi-Fi router for by tapping the menu option to the right of that camera in the list of cameras
3. Select 'Setup' and then 'Network'
4. Select the Wi-Fi network you would like the Hive Camera to connect to and follow the on screen instructions

If you enter an incorrect router password or fail to connect, reset the camera and install your Hive Camera again from the beginning. Please note that this will delete your event log and any event recordings.

To do this, press and hold the reset button on the back of the camera for about 10 seconds. The LED light will turn off for a moment and you will see a steady red light. Once you see the red light start to flash, you're successfully reset.

Now try installing your Hive Camera in your Hive Camera app again.

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