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How do customers earn money with OhmConnect?

Customers should pair the Hive app with the OhmConnect web app, add the Hive devices to the OhmConnect web app, provide their utility information, and then participate in the “Ohm Hours”. Ohm Hours occur 1-2 times per week to help customers save electricity and earn “Ohm Credits” which can be converted to dollars.

OhmConnect determines the need for an Ohm Hour, which is communicated to the customer 24 hours in advance via email or some other method of communication. The customer is instructed to turn their Hive Active Thermostat (and/or other appliances) for an hour.

The customer should receive an email notification confirming they are in an “Ohm Hour”, and should not make changes to their Thermostat during that time. Once the Ohm Hour ends, the customer should earn Ohm Credits which can be viewed in the Ohm web app.

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