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What are Quick Actions?

Quick Actions are shortcuts to the Hive Actions and features you use most. There's no need to download them: they're ready to go in your Hive app and sit on the homescreen - use them in just one tap.

To create a Quick Action follow the below steps:

1. Head to your Hive app and log in if needed using your username and password
2. Go to the Hive Home dashboard
3. If using iOS, tap on the 'Add +' button or if using Android, tap on the '+' button. Here you can choose a template or you can build your own.
4. To personalize the Quick Action just tap on 'Then' and pick from the available options. When finished tap 'Done' then 'Next'
5. Name the Action and tap 'Save' to finish.

Hive Hint: You can't change the Hive devices shown in the Quick Action if you are using a pre-set Action.

That's it! you should now see the Quick Action you just created in the 'My actions' tab list and on your Hive Home dashboard.

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