Hive Thermostat Stand

Keep your thermostat securely in place, in any part of your house, with our thermostat stand.

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Fits every home and every room

With a solid zinc base and black chrome-plated finish, our thermostat stand is designed to fit elegantly anywhere.

Solid and secure

The weighted base with non-slip finish ensures that your thermostat will stay exactly where you want it. Using it feels just as secure as it being on the wall.


Fitting your thermostat onto the stand is quick and easy. To make accurate temperature readings, place it 1m to 1.5m above the floor, away from heat sources like radiators and ensure it isn’t covered by curtains or similar objects.

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Thermostat stand specifications

Easy to set up

Solid zinc base

Chrome-plated finish


Width: 96mm

Height: 102mm

Depth: 99mm




Fits the current generation Hive Active Heating thermostat

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Thermostat stand

Thermostat stand

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Frequently asked questions
How do I fit my Hive Thermostat Stand?

Fitting your thermostat onto its stand is quick and easy:

  • Remove the backplate of the thermostat by pressing the lever at the bottom and pulling the thermostat away from the backplate

  • Hook the thermostat onto the stand backplate and click it in place

> View our the user guide which includes set-up instructions

Where should I place my Hive Thermostat Stand?

To make accurate temperature readings, follow these tips:

  • Place it around 1 to 1.5m above the floor (between waist and shoulder height)

  • Place it away from heat sources like radiators and keep it out of direct sunlight

  • Your thermostat needs a free flow of air so please ensure you place it in an area that isn’t covered by curtains and don’t hide it on a cluttered shelf

For best performance we recommend you keep your thermostat in the same position. This will help keep temperature readings consistent and will help to maintain a connection with your Hive Hub and receiver. Signal strength can vary depending on wall thickness and distance from other devices in your home.

Remember: if your thermostat is positioned in the same room as a radiator controlled by a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) this may prevent the thermostat from being able to reach its target temperature and could cause the heating to stay on.

Which thermostats does the stand support?

The stand is designed to fit the Hive Active Heating 2 wireless thermostat.

It is not compatible with the Hive Wired thermostat or the Hive 1 thermostat.

> Find out more about our range of thermostats

How do I clean my Hive thermostat stand?

The stand can be cleaned using a microfibre polishing cloth or similar. Avoid placing it in water or using chemicals or sprays as these might discolour or damage the stand.

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