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The siren will sound at 110dB, which is about as loud as a police car. It also has a built-in security light, as well as a blue status light, to deter potential intruders.

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Hive Siren
Hive Siren
Hive Keypad
Hive Keypad
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A powerful deterrent

The Hive Siren is built to withstand any weather and ward off every intruder. The flashing blue light makes it obvious your property is protected by an alarm system. It’s the perfect deterrent.

Never miss a thing

If your alarm goes off, get automatic notifications to you and your loved ones by SMS, automated phone call or app notification.

Automatic protection

Scare off potential intruders and alert others in your community with a loud 110dB siren. With Hive HomeShield you can call your local police straight from the app or if it’s a false alarm, turn it off with a tap.

Be welcomed home

Set up a Hive Action so a motion sensor or camera turns the security light on when you arrive home at night, illuminating entrances and pathways.

Know if anyone tries to remove it

With tamper detection, if someone tries to remove the siren from the wall it will sound the alarm and send you a notification.

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The Hive App

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Hive works with what you have

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We recommend installing the Hive Siren between the first and second floor windows of your home. You’ll need to have the right equipment and tools, be competent operating power tools and be comfortable working at heights.

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Warranty All Hive products come with 1 year hardware warranty as standard

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Siren specifications

White case with 110dB siren

White LED floodlight and blue status LED


Rated IP55 and is waterproof under reasonable conditions but is not protected against pressurised jets of water or immersion in water


Width: 240mm

Height: 240mm

Depth: 60mm




110dB siren

Power Supply

Mains powered with battery backup



System Requirements

Internet connection: recommended 1.5Mbps or higher

iOS or Android device running an up-to-date operating system

Hive app download (iOS or Android)

Hive Hub


For outdoor and domestic use

What's in the box


Power cable

Power block with UK plug adaptor and extension cable



Cable fixings

Window sticker

User guide

Frequently asked questions
How do I turn my siren light on?

Your siren light can be controlled in the same way you control any Hive Lights in the app. It should appear on the HomeShield dashboard once installed. From here you can turn it on/ off, change the brightness, set schedules and create Hive Actions. Like turning on the siren light when the camera senses motion.

Why are some of my security devices appearing offline?

Occasionally devices, like the Hive Siren, may need to be placed a long way from the Hive Hub so they won't connect to it. If this is the case and you notice some of your devices are going offline, you may benefit from a Hive Signal Booster. Remember your camera uses WiFi, so check your connection with your internet service provider.

How do I replace the batteries in my siren?

The siren has a tamper detection switch, which will turn on the siren if it's removed from the back plate.

If you need to move your siren for any reason or if you need to change the batteries, you'll need to disable the tamper switch to stop the alarm from sounding. This will snooze tamper detection for 30 minutes. You can extend this when you get the notification that you have 3 minutes left.

If your siren is removed without your knowledge, tamper detection will be triggered, the siren will sound and you'll get a notification. If you have cameras, you'll need to review what has happened and take action.

If tamper detection has been triggered accidentally as part of servicing or moving the alarm, you can snooze the siren for 30 minutes.

You can snooze the tamper alarm when you receive a notification that the tamper detection has been triggered for 30 minutes. Tap on the notification to select snooze.

You can find the tamper detection snooze function in Manage Devices, selecting your siren.

What is tamper detection?

If you are moving the siren or replacing batteries then you will trigger the siren's tamper detection and you will receive a notification. You can snooze this for 60 minutes. If you tap the notification it will take you to the snooze screen. You can temporarily snooze the tamper detection by going to the siren settings.

Where is the best place to plug in my siren?

We recommend connecting the siren to a plug in an upstairs bedroom to minimise the need for visible power cables. It comes with a 7m power cable.

What devices can I get the Hive app on?

You can get the Hive app on many smartphones, tablets and the Apple Watch. iOS or Android devices must be running an up-to-date operating system.

What are your delivery options?

Free standard delivery is included when spending over £50 (3 - 5 business days).

Order before 12:30pm Monday - Thursday and get next day delivery for £5.

Once ordered, you can track your order online.

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Can I return this product?


If you’ve purchased Hive products directly through our website or over the phone, you’ll need to contact us within 14 days (starting from the day you receive your Hive products).

If a British Gas engineer has installed your Hive products and you’d like to return them, you’ll need to let us know within 14 days from the point of installation.

You can contact us on web chat and we’ll provide you with a returns number and send you a returns label. Print the label out and send it to our warehouse, free of charge. Once we receive your product, we’ll aim to process your refund within 5 working days.

What's the warranty period?

Hive products come with a 1-year standard warranty.

If you want to increase your warranty, you can join Hive Live for £2.99 per month and get ongoing warranty on your Hive products.

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Discover Hive HomeShield

The smart alarm system that helps you protect your home from your phone. Arm and disarm remotely, instant notifications to you and your family, plus smart incident reports

Discover Hive HomeShield

The smart alarm system that helps you protect your home from your phone. Arm and disarm remotely, instant notifications to you and your family, plus smart incident reports

[1] HomeShield 10% discount applies to hardware products only and does not include subscriptions to other services we offer. Terms apply - see
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