18th July 2019

5 must-do things that’ll help you keep your home safe this summer

Make sure your home and garden are secure over the summer months, including when you’re away on holiday, with these top tips.

While you’re getting ready for a well-earned break from the office, burglars are preparing for their busy season. In fact, home break-ins often rise in the summer and particularly in August when many people are away.

To help you keep your home and belongings safe we’ve put together a list of 5 must-do things:

1 Close every door

When you’re in the house, a general rule of thumb is to keep ground floor windows and doors closed. Close all windows and lock all doors when you go out and use the deadlocks on front and back doors.

A typical way people are caught out is by opportunistic thieves who see a door or window to the house has been left open while the family are in the garden. Spontaneous summer garden fun is great, but don’t forget to secure your home at the front and side. If a burglar gets in through an open door or window your insurance is unlikely to cover you.

2 Secure your shed

Burglars regularly steal belongings worth hundreds of pounds from gardens and sheds, including bikes, barbeques and tools. Make sure your garden and your shed are fully secure with tamper-proof locks. If you’re keeping expensive bikes in the shed, it’s worth using a good quality bike lock to secure them to something sturdy then fitting the shed door with a bar and padlock.

Also remember not to leave any ladders outside as burglars can use them to access your first floor.

3 Out of sight, out of mind

It sounds obvious, but keep all keys out of sight and well away from the front door. Car thieves have a well-known tactic of poking a wire through your letterbox and grabbing your car keys from the key hook or the bottom of the stairs.

The same goes for gadgets such as tablets, mobile phones and laptops. Keep them out of sight of windows, even when you are in the house.

4 Everybody needs good neighbours

If you get on well with your neighbours, you can ask them to help keep your home safe while you are on holiday. Some of the most common things burglars look for include:

  • A pile of post on the doormat: ask a neighbour to pop in and collect your post every other day or so
  • No car on the driveway: ask a neighbour to park their car on your drive
  • Unkempt lawn: if you’re away for more than a fortnight, you could ask them to mow your lawn and water the garden. Bit cheeky? Say you’ll return the favour when they go away
  • Deliveries left outside: cancel any deliveries or ask your neighbour to receive them.

5 Ban the #HolidaySpam

It’s tempting to post, tag and check-in on social media while you’re away, but this could inadvertently advertise your empty house back home. Instead, use the time to curate your holiday best bits and post the highlights when you get back.

We hope you find these top tips handy.

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