14th August 2018

5 ways a connected home can give you peace of mind while you’re away

Virtual House-Sitters

Do you ever worry about your home whilst you’re away on holiday? You’re not alone. From our recent survey of Brits, over half worry about leaving their home unattended for a long period of time and over a third of people find it difficult to relax when they are on holiday unless they know someone is looking after their home.

Traditionally the solution has been to ask someone to check-in on their home to make sure all is ok. In fact, 64% of people surveyed had asked someone to check in on their home whilst away on holiday. However, this seems to be far from ideal for a few reasons:

  • True to the stereotype, us Brits don’t like asking for favours. 39% of people surveyed feel bad about asking somebody to check on their home and only 15% of people would actually call someone to go and check their house while they were on holiday.
  • People are unreliable. More than half of Brits surveyed didn’t even receive updates from the people that checked on their house.
  • Even when someone does pop over as promised, we are still worried about things such as whether they’ll leave the door unlocked, rummage through our possessions or leave our lights on.
  • The most obvious people to ask to help would be our neighbours, however, 31% of people we asked either don’t know, don’t trust or don’t like their neighbours.

Surely there must be a better way to provide peace of mind whilst you’re relaxing by the pool or hiking up mountains? Perhaps there is.

Having your own ‘Virtual House-Sitter’ eliminates the need to rely on people, ask the awkward favour of house-sitting in the first place or the need for someone to physically enter your home.

This is where Hive comes in.

Managing your heating at home from wherever you are

Our suite of smart home products is designed to provide peace of mind and the freedom to fix mistakes like accidentally leaving the heating on when you’ve already set off on holiday. 27% of our Brits surveyed had done this before! Only 1 in 5 people would even turn back to double-check their house.  But with Hive there is no need to worry about this when you have the power to check on and manage your home at your fingertips. This means no frantic dashing back home and risking missed flights – instead simply check in from the comfort of the departure lounge.

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Lights that make it look like you’re home, when you’re not

At Hive, we have a range of smart lightbulbs which you can turn on and off (along with dimming and changing the colour of them) through the Hive app. This allows you to keep your energy bill down instead of feeling frustrated during your holiday about wasted electricity back home. This feeling is more common than you think, with 42% of Brits accidentally having left the lights on before jetting off on holiday at some point. However, sometimes leaving the lights on can provide peace of mind.
With ‘Mimic Mode’, Hive will turn the lights on and off in random intervals to give the impression that someone is still at home. This can put off unwanted attention to your otherwise dormant home and be that security blanket you crave whilst you’re away.

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Plugs & Sensors that give you more comfort than you ever thought possible

Left the hair straighteners or the iron on in the chaotic morning rush to catch your flight? Or maybe you didn’t…. it’s not too late to check if you’re with Hive.  Hive Plugs allow you to check, and switch them off in the stressful scenario that you have indeed left them on! No more worrying that you (or your neighbour) have left electronic devices whirring away at home.
People surveyed also worry about whether they shut their windows and doors properly. This needn’t be a concern that overshadows your chill time as Hive Window/Door Sensors allow you to go straight to the app to see if the entrances to your home are indeed shut (and if they’re not, you may need to ask a friendly neighbourly face to physically shut them for you). You never know, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship 😉 

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Hive View gives you eyes inside your home from anywhere in the world

As we’ve said before, there are a few worries people have when it comes to a person actually coming in to your home, from invasion of privacy to breaking & taking possessions. Fear not though, Hive have this covered too – all angles in fact! The Hive View Camera provides a fantastic indoor view of what’s going on in your home. It livestreams in 1080p HD and automatically switches on when it senses movement. It also distinguishes between animals and humans with facial recognition thumbnails popping up when someone you know walks in the field of vision.

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The Hive Hub 360 its the brain at the centre, but its also all ears

The final piece of kit worth adding to the Hive ecosystem is the Hive Hub 360. This is the device that connects your Hive devices together. It does this wirelessly meaning it can be put anywhere in the house. The real comfort of this beautiful looking device is that it detects sounds such as glass breaking, a dog barking or your smoke detector going off, and let’s you know about it straightaway. It’s like having a pair of virtual ears in your home – perfect to find out if the next-door neighbour’s dog has broken into your garden again!

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It’s a no-brainer

So, you might not be completely chummy yet with your neighbours just yet, but you still want to relax and know your home is happy while you’re away. The simple solution is that with a few products from Hive you can relax, lie back on that sun lounger (drink in hand) and let us check in on your home for you. And when you’re back, why not arrange a cup of tea and a biscuit with the people next door?

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