7th August 2019

Ask the experts: secure your home this summer with these top tips

Sit back and relax this summer knowing your home is safe and secure

These carefree summer months should be about rest and relaxation – not fretting about whether your home is safe from break-ins. But as burglaries tend to rise during the warmer months, it’s more important than ever to take every step possible to burglar-proof your home.

Keep your home secure with these tips from the Metropolitan Police:

Get the family to wise-up to summer security

Summer is an ideal time for burglars to strike due to the carefree and forgetful nature of kids enjoying the school break. Make sure your children or grandchildren are as vigilant as you are in protecting your home, by:

  • Shutting and locking windows and door if you’re heading out. Remember, burglars can be in and out in a few short minutes. Window and door sensors allow you to keep on top of who’s home and what’s open at any given time
  • Tidying away sports equipment and toys from the garden- things like tennis rackets can be used to break through windows, giving burglars access to your home
  • Shutting the shed- ensure sheds are securely locked when not in use to avoid anything going missing. Thieves don’t only want what’s inside your home; your bikes and power tools can be valuable too

Protect your home via your garden

Secure your home from burglars before they even manage to reach it. The Metropolitan Police suggest these three ways to protect your home from the outside:

  • Plant spiky, thick shrubbery around fences or walls to deter burglars from accessing your property. They’ll steer clear unless they want a nasty, thorny surprise. Some of the best include Berberis, Poncirus or Mahonia
  • Gravel driveways make it harder for burglars to sneak onto your property
  • Add some security lights, so intruders get a nice, bright, startling welcome

Mark and record your prized possessions

According to ABI (Association of British Insurers), only a quarter of homes have contents insurance. If you’re among the 75% without it, we strongly advise you to follow the advice of the Metropolitan Police – mark and record your prized possessions.

By marking your valuables, including antiques, bikes and electronics, with a police-approved forensic pen, they become more difficult to resell and therefore much less attractive to thieves.

Go a step further and record your treasures on an accredited property database like Immobilise. Doing this lets you update police immediately, and it’s easier for them to identify and return your items to you.

Going away? Make it look like you’re still at home

You can do this by setting lights, radios and TVs to turn on and off at random. Hive Lights and Hive Plugs let you do this. And if you have a Hive View camera, you can answer your door via two-way audio – even if you’re thousands of miles away.

We hope you find these top tips handy.

See more ways Hive can help keep your home safe this summer.

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