13th February 2019

‘Barry White Mode’ this Valentine’s night?

Looking for a little action this Valentine’s Day? ❤️

Barry WhiteWell here’s an action from us to kick you off. We like to call this one ‘Barry White Mode’. And fingers crossed, it’ll help you get your Valentine’s evening off to a flying start…

Whether it’s lava lamps, soft lighting, Barry White crooning away in the background or simply some popcorn and TV, it’s important to set the right mood for a cosy night in this Valentine’s.

So with so much to think about (and the 14th falling on a work day this year), how about saving yourself some time and getting a lot of it done with a special Valentine’s night quick action on your Hive app?

Just go to your ‘actions’ option in the main menu and add anything you like to set the mood just right. Heating up, light dimmed to 10%, Hive View camera off, radio on (and pre-set to Smooth radio of course).

Then everything you’ve set will automatically activate with one tap of the app when you’re ready. Giving you more time to rustle up that special dish. Or to hide away that takeaway menu…!

We personally love a bit of The Walrus Of Love, and that’s why we’ve called it Barry White Mode, but you can name your new action whatever floats your boat. “Romance”, “Cosy night in”, or “Be Mine mode”!

And remember, you’re our first, our last, and our everything.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Love Hive x

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