9th April 2019

Do more faster when you update your Hive app

Using your Hive app should be quick, easy and painless. With this in mind, we’re constantly reviewing and revamping it, so that you get the best possible experience. So we’re delighted to announce that we’ve a couple of shiny new improvements ready and waiting for you.

We’ve updated the Quick Action widget on both Android and iOS, meaning that you can trigger any action without even opening the app. For example, boosting your heating, turning on the lights and turning on the radio can all be done with a quick swipe and a tap on your phone (from deep underneath the duvet on a cold unwelcoming morning). The Quick Actions that you’ve set up, for all-at-once light dimming and switching on the TV for movie night? They’ll be there, a simple swipe and a tap away from your lock screen or home screen. There’s no need to fire up the app and wait for it to load- controlling your environment has never been faster.

We also heard that a lot of you like to control your Hive app from your Apple Watch. We’ve been working on improving the functionality, so anything that you do on an Apple Watch should be quicker than ever; with this in mind, we’ve streamlined and added Quick Hive Actions, so it takes only a couple of swipes and taps to trigger your Hive setup to do exactly what you want.

The new and improved Hive app has been optimised for the new Series 4 Apple watch screens, and we’re pleased to say that you can add Hive to the new watch faces. More control, much faster. And not to forget, we’ve improved networking, so the Hive app is now not only much faster and more reliable, but now also works with cellular Apple watches.

We’re excited for you to try out the improved Hive app. Remember you’ll need to update your app through the Apple or Android store. In short, you can get to do the things you regularly do, much faster- but as ever, we’re keen to hear your feedback. If you have any thoughts on the new version of the Hive app, please email, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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