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Hive Camera Action: Introducing the Hive Camera

29th June 2017

We’re delighted to introduce the newest member of the Hive family – the Hive Camera!

We know it’s the smart home device many of you have been waiting for, so here’s everything you need to know, starting with an introduction from our Managing Director, Nina Bhatia.

“Hive Camera allows people to feel as if they’re at home even when they’re not – by seeing and hearing what’s happening through their smart phone, and participating through audio, too.”

The Hive Camera is packed full of great features, designed to help you feel closer to home when you’re not there. First up, the live HD stream.

Live HD Streaming

If you’re stuck at work and want to check your kids are safely home from school, just open up your app and tap on the live stream.

If you’re out for the evening and want to check that Bella the Beagle isn’t chewing your brand new sofa, take a quick look on your smartphone. Easy. Restoring the sofa, not so easy…

Two-way audio

Now onto our favourite feature: two-way audio. If Bella the Beagle just needs a little bit of attention to avert a sofa disaster, you can talk to her via the Hive Camera.

Two-way audio is great for new parents, too. If you’re trying to get your bundle of joy to sleep and don’t want to go straight into their room, try soothing them first by talking to them through the camera.

Hive Camera

Peace of mind with the Hive Camera

The Hive Camera provides peace of mind when your home’s empty, too.

It has an in-built motion and audio detector that will alert you to anything suspicious (then tap a button on your phone and you can set off a police siren or a dog bark).

It also has night vision for seeing in the dark, and all movement can be recorded, logged and stored to help you relax when you’re away.

Hive Home Check Plan

The Hive Camera is now available to purchase from our website for £129, but from early July it will also be available for a monthly cost as part of the Hive Home Check Plan. Look out for more details on this very soon.

Take a closer look at our new camera here on our website, and as ever, share your feedback in the comments below!

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