9th May 2019

Keep up with our new camera features

We’re introducing some great new improvements. First up, Activity Zones. The Activity Zones feature means that you can set and monitor activity in a specific area of interest in your camera’s view. Want to monitor anyone that steps up to your car parked on the drive, but not so keen on getting a notification about every casual pavement passer-by or next door closing their curtains? Or say you’ve a window with a busy view; setting up Activity Zones means you can ignore anything external and will only get notifications about what’s going on inside. It’s completely customisable, to make your alerts more meaningful, and easy to set up and edit.

The next exciting update to share with you? We’ve introduced thumbnails to your activity log. When you’re looking back at footage recorded by your camera, the easiest way to find a particular event is with a handy thumbnail photograph of what was picked up by the camera at the time. Scrolling through your history to find the exact moment the dog snaffled those treats? We’ve made it easier than ever before to pinpoint the exact moment.

As well as adding thumbnails of all the different times your camera recorded motion or any activity it thought was important in your camera’s view or Activity Zones, and the aforementioned customisable Activity Zones, we’ve brought another great new feature to both our indoor and outdoor cameras.

Play A Sound gives you the exciting option of playing a pre-set sound from your camera. For Hive View Indoor cameras, this can be one of three pre-recorded sounds; a soothing lullaby, dog barking, or siren. For our outdoor camera, you can choose from the barking dog or siren, to deter any would-be trespasser.

Hive cameras already come with great features like personal detection, smartphone notifications, night vision, and much more, and we’re adding and iterating to these great functions all the time. Every home is different, and at Hive, we want to help you build the best possible version.

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