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How smart lighting can boost ‘Hygge’ in your home

27th February 2018

The trendy concept of Hygge (pronounced Hoo-Gah) originates from Denmark and means promoting comfort and contentment, similar to what we might call cosiness. It’s the idea of creating intimacy in your home,  with your friends and family or with yourself, to promote wellbeing and happiness.  

With Denmark’s harsh dark long winters (17 hours of darkness a day take a toll on mental health!) Hygge is a common way of life for Danes, but just like with their pastries, beer and those little plastic bricks, Hygge is now becoming a popular concept here in the UK too.

Where to start

There a lots of ways to boost Hygge in a home – from having photos of special memories on display, lighting a fire or layering your home with different textures and fabrics. But, a simple and convenient way to create wellbeing within your home is to start by getting the lighting right.

Lighting can impact how you feel within your home and you can change your mood simply by dimming the lights or changing the tone or colour of your lights.

So whether you’re looking to channel the orange-yellow soft glow of a sunset or an icy blue to help you concentrate and feel energised, smart light bulbs allow you to control every aspect of your lighting, all without having to leave the couch.  

Keep it simple

A really simple way to create a hygge atmosphere in your home is by adjusting the brightness of your lights.  This is especially important in the winter months when it’s already dark on your way home from work. After a long day in an overly bright office, coming home to a sterile and bright house doesn’t help create the warm and comfortable environment you need to relax.

The beauty of smart lights are that even if your lamp or spotlights aren’t dimmable, once you change the bulb for a smart bulb you can control the brightness from the app. Plus, you can even schedule them to turn on at a certain level at a particular time, so they’re just right as you walk through the door. So to help you wind down in the evening, dim the lights, light a few candles and relax.

Improving your mood with colour

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Different colours can evoke different feelings, so another way to promote wellbeing in your home is to set the lights to suit your mood. With smart lighting, you can create a different atmosphere in each room and adjust the lights in your home to promote relaxation, productivity and energy.

  • Blue promotes a feeling of calmness and is even known to lower the heart rate, so after a stressful day changing the lights to a soft blue could help. But, it’s also associated with sadness, so if you’re already feeling a little low, turn the lights to a warmer glow.
  • Red is known to evoke strong emotions like love, warmth and comfort – perfect for a cosy night in with a loved one. 
  • Yellow is a warm and cheerful colour and can bring energy to a room. But it can be particularly hard to read in yellow light, and babies have been know cry more in a yellow room, so best to keep a yellow glow to areas like the dining room and away from the nursery! 
  • Green is associated with nature – it has healing qualities and promotes tranquility  relaxation, so if you’re meditating at home, green lighting will work best. 
  • Purple is a regal colour and known to be sensual and relaxing, so purple light creates a calming atmosphere, ideal for a pamper evening in. 
  • Bright white can feel quite sterile but is also associated with purity and promotes energy, perfect for helping you get out of bed in the morning or in a bathroom.

So whether you’re looking to simply dim your lights, change the tone of the glow from warm to cool, or wanting to create different atmospheres using colour, our range of smart lighting can help you to boost the Hygge in your home.

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