18th July 2019

How to save money at home this summer

Don’t let higher-than-expected energy bills sneak up on you while you’re relaxing in your deckchair this summer.

When the days are sunny and the nights are warm, our energy bills should be tiny, right? Not always – as over the summer we may find ourselves at home more, rather than at work, school or away at uni. But it is possible to save money. Here’s how:

Sun’s out, blinds down

Keeping your blinds down is the golden rule in a heatwave. With the curtains drawn during the day, your home has a chance of staying cool. This means you won’t be plugging in the fan to freshen up those hot, stuffy rooms. If you really do need to use your air con, consider using a timer so it’s only on when you need it and never left running when you’re out.

Tempted to take a cold shower to cool down? The jury’s out on whether cold showers actually cool you down, but you’re not likely to be in there for very long which should save some pennies.

Wonderful ways to warm up

Did you know 3 in 10 Britons admit to having turned on the heating in the summer? Rather than reaching for the thermostat when the weather is less than balmy, our customers are much more inventive. They tell us they like to warm up by putting on a jumper, snuggling up on the sofa or doing some exercise – try dancing with the grandkids or asking your teenager to devise a garden bootcamp for the whole family.

Live the al fresco life

You can save money by moving a few everyday activities outside during the summer. Barbeques and picnics are a great way to cut costs and enjoy the weather at the same time. As an extra bonus your house stays cooler because you aren’t cooking inside. Remember to turn off all your lights and gadgets before you go outside.

If you’re looking after kids or grandkids, decamp to the garden where there’s no TV or Wi-Fi to eat up energy. A spot of gardening is great exercise and saves spending money on a gym class or a swim. Solar-powered garden lights mean your garden stays inviting into the evening so you can relax there rather than inside in front of the TV or laptop.

Toe the line with your washing

Laundry loves being outside, so get it out early and let it dry naturally on the line. Not only will it smell amazing, but you’ll save money by not using the tumble drier. Sunshine is also great for whitening those whites and getting rid of stains, so you can happily wash your clothes at 30 degrees.

Make your home work hard while you’re away

Anything that’s plugged in uses energy, even in standby mode. So before you head off on your hols, turn off all your appliances, with the exception of the fridge freezer. If you’re keen to leave a few lights on to fool potential burglars , a timer system may be more effective both in terms of cost and keeping would-be criminals on their toes.

Before you go, cancel any scheduled deliveries, especially if they’re perishable – such as food or milk – or likely to be stolen if left outside. 

We hope you find these top tips handy.

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