2nd September 2019

Is your smart home ready for winter?

If you’re anything like us, you probably can’t wait for winter, when you can throw on your comfiest tracky bottoms and softest hoody, and cosy up in front of the latest box set with a nice hot cuppa.

But before all that fun begins, it’s a good idea to check your home is ready for the cold. And this starts with your heating.

So we’ve prepared this guide full of top tips and useful links to help make sure your boiler and radiators are ready for the cold

1 . A quick radiator and boiler health check you can do yourself

Here’s how to quickly test your boiler and radiators yourself:

  • Pick a cool evening, preferably when your thermostat is reading below 20°C.
  • Turn your thermostat to 22°C for 30 minutes.
  • Check your boiler is on and happily burning away.
  • Check all your radiators are warming up. If they’re cold, see if the radiator valves are on.
  • If your radiators are warm at the bottom but cold at the top, they may need bleeding. This is pretty straightforward to do, as the video below demonstrates.

2 . Heating and/or hot water not working

WatchHow To Bleed A Radiator

Here are some checks and possible fixes you can try before calling out an engineer.

WatchWhat To Do If Your Hot Water or Central Heating Isn’t Working

If you still can’t fix the problem, you can get more heating and hot water help from our friends at British Gas.

3 . Boiler not working?

See British Gas’s 5 boiler fixes before calling out an engineer.

4 . How to check water pressure

A healthy heating system must have the correct water pressure. Luckily, this is easy to do.

WatchHow To Check Water Pressure

We hope this guide helps your home beat the brrrrrr

If you have any questions or need some help with your Hive Active Heating, check out our Hive support section.

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