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Let’s get living… Introducing the new Hive TV advert

12th June 2017

So it’s finally summer and we should all be outside drinking something fizzy with ice in. But when the sun goes down and you find yourself cosying up on the couch over the next few weeks, look out for our new ad, Let’s get living.

Let’s get living is all about the important moments in life. Your children taking their first steps, dancing in the kitchen with your best friend, escaping to the seaside… all the things that bring us joy and put a smile on our faces.

We’re going to be celebrating these moments and all the clever and wonderful ways that smart products can free up your time, allowing you to do more of the things you love.

Let’s get living goes global

You’ll be able to see our Let’s get living campaign up and down the country – on TV, billboards, in print and online – but it’s also going to be launching in the US, Canada and Ireland.

Let's get living

We’re incredibly excited about taking the Hive experience to these markets and we’ve got lots on the way in the UK too, so stay tuned.

Hive Welcome Home Plan

To help our customers start their smart home journey, we recently launched a new monthly plan that makes it even easier to get your home connected.

The Welcome Home Plan in the UK includes two Hive Active Lights, a Hive Motion Sensor and a Hive Active Plug, all connected by the Hive Hub. It’s easy to set up in just minutes, so you can spend more time doing the things you love. Take a look at the plan and great features like Hive Live here.

Have a great Summer and let’s get living.


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