14th January 2019

Why two-way audio is really rather wonderful, according to Lola Gnome

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“I love, love, love two-way audio! If someone sends you flowers or a present or a mysterious parcel or some turnips – then you can chat with the postman! In fact you can chat with anyone really.” Lola Gnome.

We couldn’t agree more with Lola. With two-way audio you can talk to anyone at your door. So if you’re out when a package arrives, you can tell the postman where to hide it. Or if there’s someone stepping onto your patch that shouldn’t be, just tell them to buzz off.

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Lola Gnome

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Lola’s fairly new to the bunch and has a different outlook to the rest of the gnomes. The youngest of the gnomes she’s yet to endure much of the hardships the other gnomes have been through. For that reason she sees the best in everything and is super keen. Her enthusiasm can be a tad annoying at times but she’s harmless enough.

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